A 1950s Haunted House

by Real Ghost Stories

My parents still live in the house with me and my fiance and two of my grandparents died within the house. The house itself was built in the 1950s. To make it easier for myself I will list some of the stuff that happens within the house in bullet points.

1) In the hallway, when you walk from the kitchen, you can feel someone following you inches from your back. This feeling often follows you either part way up the stairs or exits through the front door. A family friend has often commented, not knowing about the above, that she feels something brushing by her when she enters the house as if someone was passing her.

2) On the ground floor we have a side room/granny flat. This room has always had a strange feeling to it and my grandma did die there over 10 years ago. My own personal experiences have included seeing shadows, hearing someone call my name and sensing someone in the room just staring at you. I have often thought that there is a “vortex” in the bathroom part of the room. My mother, who now sleeps in the room, has spoken of feeling a hand gently brushing her forehead and/or cheeks when she has been stressed. My fiance, when he first visited and was never told about the “happenings”, used that room as a guest room. The next morning he confronted me saying he could feel someone standing in the room staring at him and that it had freaked him out. Another family friend, who is an untrained medium so to speak, has recently confirmed that there is a “vortex” in this room and she refuses to go into the room on her own.

3) I saw the face of a little girl in my bedroom last May. When my fiance put his hand in the area he commented that it was icy cold. This is curious to me since I cannot explain why a little girl would be in the house.

4) A couple of winters ago I saw the face of a middle-aged woman with long dark hair looking through the window. At first, I thought it was my own reflection since our eyes connected with each other at the same time. But her face was at an angle that made that impossible plus it was as if her body was higher then the window and therefore was having to come from above in order to look through the window.

5) When everyone is downstairs, including the pets, you can sometimes here something running around in my bedroom. Most of the time it sounds like a childs run.

Be careful where you live, who knows after time you might end up haunting your house?

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