Cambridge Black-Eyed Ghost?

by The Ghost Host

I’m Lydia, I’m 13 years old and my Stepdad Paul is 30 at the time he was 28 and I came across your site about a month ago.

It started out as a normal night shift he was going to Hexcel Duxford on a clear winters night. my mum Lisa had not been well on that day so he said to her ” don’t worry I’ll take my bike” so he went out to the shed and got his bike ready and he was just about to leave when I noticed he hadn’t got his lunch/snack with him I ran in and brought it to him. he took a torch with him in case there were any problems with his bike along the way.

He got up the road and turned onto the main road. coming up to the first road sign ( bearing in mind it was pitch black and there was no cars or people other than my stepdad on the road, therefore, there being no source of light other than the moon to project an image.) he noticed a narrow whitish glowing mound that as he got closer seemed as if it was floating, he thought nothing of it and carried on cycling.

He got closer and stopped immediately as he saw that the pile he had seen was floating and that the alleged pile was actually a girl that only looked about 16 or 17. This had a massive impact on my stepdad as he was very sceptical and did not believe in seeing ghosts at all. He thought to himself that it was probably just another person from our village but then he saw that she was walking over the ditch that runs along the main road. He thought that this was ludicrous as the ditch drops about 6 feet he also noticed that she had no feet and this really freaked him out. She was weeping and then turned around and looked dead ahead at my stepdad, he jumped as she appeared to have no eyes and she had a blank expression across her face. He heard a car coming from the direction he was facing and the headlights were on. My stepdad looked away from the girl and looked back after the car had driven away leaving yet more darkness. The girl was gone.

Where my stepdad had spotted phantom girl behind it was a field that for hundreds of years before had had an abbey until it was knocked down it the late 1600’s hence the name that we gave her, Abby.

This has changed my step dad’s views on ghosts dramatically.

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