Ghost With Glowing Eyes

by Real Ghost Stories

About ten years ago I saw the scariest thing that I’ve witnessed in a long time. I live in Seattle, WA, I was 26 years old and I saw a black mass with two glowing red eyes in my backyard, was it Mothman? Here is my story that I wrote within an hour of the experience;

I was talking on the phone with my fiance when I looked up to see, about 25 feet away, two large, basketball size, eyes, shrouded in a black mass about 6 or 7 feet tall.

The deepness of the red was haunting and I’m still shaking right now. When I initially saw it, it looked like two hovering red flashlights looking down at something on the ground. Then, as I stood up, it looked right up at me. The two beams of red sat right next to each other like a pair of eyes looking directly at me through the kitchen window.

I had about three seconds to look at it before it slid to the left about eight feet and vanished. I let out my two dogs but they didn’t react to anything, they just went to the bathroom.

The feeling that I got in my chest (and still have) is that of total discomfort, I honestly feel nauseous. I’m not sure what to believe right now. Looking into the eyes was like looking into a fire. I’m not even sure what to do at this point. I honestly feel like I saw something that I wasn’t supposed to. As I stared out into the darkness I felt uneasy. I went into the living room to see if maybe it was a passing car from the front window but the blinds were closed. My stomach felt even more upset with this fact because I wasn’t sure how to explain what just happened.

I asked my sister in law if she saw anything or had any red lights around and she said no. And right as my back was turned to the kitchen window, which is a large window, my brother walks into the living room and asks me “what’s up?” curiously. Then he says “what was that?”, he described something red in the back yard like a strobe light. This made me even more paranoid because whatever it was it came back for a second visit and how could he know what I’d just seen? It also seemed like there was a blackness to it that seemed darker than the surrounding night. I feel crazy, I felt like gouging my eyes out after I saw it. has anyone else seen anything like this?

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