Living On Haunted Lands

by The Ghost Host

I lived and grew up in a little town called Salome Arizona, Which is about two hours west of Phoenix by Wickenburg. My family owns lands there, and we have our own private cemetery as well. Growing up my grandfather built the house that we lived in.

From the time I can recall we lived with ghosts. Things moving, Things being thrown around, Sounds you could not explain, Lights that would travel in the middle of the desert without any form of explanation. The house has since been torn down because it fell into disrepair but the land stands and it’s just as disturbing as it was then if not more.

Something is there and it wishes nothing more than to be heard. I’m not sure why, Now I am a pretty gifted empath, I’m not saying I’m psychic at all, but going back thereafter I have been touched by this gift, it was like smothering. The land itself was sucking the life from others. As strange as that sounds.

For instance, when I was about 5 I had the flu really bad, my mother was outside tending to laundry and I was in the front most bedroom, There were only two bedrooms, but I was in the one that was furthest away from where she was. We didn’t have built-in closets because my grandparents were from Ireland. so we had freestanding closets that came about a foot away from the wall itself, and I of course having the flu had a fever so bad. My mother left the closet door open, and when the door to the outside closed from my mother, out stepped the head and torso of my great grandmother, at least I think it was.

I never met her only had a picture of her face hanging in our living room. I could feel her sit on the side of my bed, and when she touched my forehead I could feel the coolness of her fingers. I could have sworn she was real. And she whispered to me… “Everything is going to be alright” And I closed my eyes a moment later and I heard my mother come in and sit with me. and when I finally fell asleep after being so afraid to do so!  I woke and my fever was gone. That was just one example of what happened there.

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