My Experiences With Ghosts

by Real Ghost Stories

The house my parents moved into when I was about 8 years old sat on close to 7 acres, the neighbours weren’t close to us, it used to have a one-room school building on the property, That burnt down, they built a new school further up on the property and it eventually became a house I’m not sure about when that took place, BUT my parents never hid the fact that we were NOT the only people living in and on this property.

I was outside one afternoon, I was the only kid around who couldn’t hear the other kids if they were outside as they lived further down the road. I was sitting on my porch playing with my dog, and all of a sudden I heard a lot of kids playing and laughing down in the back yard. The only thing down there was a couple of dogs, and they were acting very strange, I went inside and told my mom what I just heard and that’s when she told me that they’ve thought for a few years the house was haunted, but NOTHING ever bad happened to them. Years went by you’d hear walking around upstairs when no one was using the upstairs at the time or the rocking chair would be rocking upstairs when we always kept the door shut at that time we just used the upstairs for storage. My mom would be dozing off on the couch or in the chair and shed get tapped on the head or her foot tugged on every now again.

One night while my dad was asleep and my mom and I were in the living room watching tv. we heard a bang from my parent’s room, we went to the hall and turned on the light, wondering why my dad didn’t wake up to that big bang that just came out of his room. A picture that was hanging on their wall beside the bed (but there was the walking distance between the bed and wall) was laying FACE up on my dad’s chest…… There’s no way that picture fell off the wall on its own and landed picture up (face up) on to my dad’s chest! he didn’t even budge he was still sound asleep.. the next day mom and I decided we were going to try an experiment she put the picture back on the wall and walked back to the other side of the room by the doorway, and I stayed by the picture and just nudged it to see if it would fall off the wall, it fell straight down the wall and landed on the floor, tilted toward the bed kinda leaning up against the bed, we did this a few times we even hit it pretty hard and it still fell that way, NEVER landing ON THE BED just on the floor beside it…. the way you would THINK a picture would fall off a wall.

As I grew up I was NEVER SCARED to be there, Even know I’d hear voices calling my name, I thought was my mom it sounded like her behind a closed door but it was never here, I’ve seen apparitions, we hear balls bouncing down the stairs all the time..footsteps walking back and forth upstairs when nobody was up there. I eventually got my room upstairs, there were 2 rooms one as soon as you come up with the stairs then the other was next to it….. I moved in and out of my parents home as I grew up, I have 2 kids, my daughter never told me she saw anything. but my son one night while we were laying in bed, he was around 3 (we never spoke of the “Ghosts” if the kids were around) he got very frantic and wouldn’t lay still he kept saying someone was in the room with us, I kept telling him no one was there, he wouldn’t calm down SO I asked him what he saw, he said there were two people in the other bedroom (more of a playroom with a bed in it because he wouldn’t sleep in it alone and my daughter slept downstairs).. I said Ok what do they look like he said “one’s a little boy like me wearing a blue shirt” the other one scares me mommy he’s black with no legs. I said well if he has no legs how’s he walking into my room? he said ” he’s using his hands and kinda swinging when he moves like a monkey,” I said oh ok and you said he’s “black?” Like steve? at the time he was the only African American person I could think of that my son also knew. He said no mommy he’s black like he’s been burnt.

That’s the first time I was ever scared to be there, I’ve never been scared of ghosts I’ve always had a thing for the paranormal world… I’m not sure why I was so scared that night, a few months later while my kids were spending the weekend at their aunts, I’d went up to the bed, I closed the door that leads up stairs like I always did when they weren’t home so the cat and dog would stay down stairs and wouldn’t take up my whole bed…….. I’d just laid down and was laying on my left side with my legs bent like I always do, just closed my eye’s, and out of nowhere my bed bounced a bit like something light weight just jumped up on my bed.. I felt it walking on my bed, my blankets got tighter around my body as it walked up to my bed it stopped right at my knee caps.

I didn’t know what to think at the time I just assumed our cat might have already been upstairs before I closed the door ( I knew it was the dog she goes at least 80 pounds ) and what I felt wasn’t any more than maybe 8 pounds… I got up the next day and my door was still tightly shut, and the cat was asleep on my dad’s lap, and the dog on the floor in front of my mom I asked “when did Alex finally come back down?” they both looked at me weird and said the cats been down here all night long.. to this day I never figured out what that was walking on my bed, but it only happened that one time.

I no longer live there but my parents do and whenever I call home or my mom calls me I usually always make sure I ask how my ghosts are doing and she’ll tell me if they’ve been doing anything or not They’ve never hurt us, They do like taking our keys when we sit them down to run in the house to get something real quick but usually all I gotta say ” is okay guys it used to be really funny when you did this but I’m in a bit of a hurry could I have my keys back” and go to another room and come back to the kitchen and they’ll be right back on the table where I left them

There was one TIME though I was pregnant with my daughter I had gone up to get some clean clothes to get a shower, and I stopped on about the 4th step to shut the light out at this time I’d been sleeping upstairs for at least 12 years I hardly ever used the lights, especially when my parents were sleeping the light shined right into their faces in bed..

So I am very used to going up and down those steps in the pitch-black dark. I turned off the light and was just standing there making sure I had everything I needed I was about 8 months pregnant I really didn’t wanna go all the way back up for anything and out of nowhere I felt a cold feeling on my back (like right on the shoulder bone) and down the steps I went, freaked my mom out more than me I didn’t tell her about the cold feeling on my shoulder, she was stressed out enough that I never understood either.

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