My Experiences with Shadow People

by The Ghost Host

This story takes place in Mobile, Alabama in my late teens.

I was living at home at that time with my mother. I have told this story many times over. However, I would also like to share it with you, so as to also (“at best”) help others come to grips with their own experiences.

It all began at first with the nightmares. I would have all sorts of them, really frightening dreams of dragons, and death, suffering, and also these black-cloaked entities. But, just to spice things up a bit (for many who have already heard this story), I will first speak of the dreams.

In one, I remember being at the edge of some type of pool of blood. And, in this pool or lake of blood, there was this dragon. This dragon was thrashing about wildly, and searching for something. And, I remember feeling so frightened. It was almost as if I’d had the feeling that I was in some type of Hell. I was desperately trying to keep my footing, trying ever so hard not to slip into this pool of blood, along with this dragon!

I would have many of these types of dreams. I would also dream of being mocked by these “deformed looking beings”, they looked quite evil, and suspicious. I felt as if I were always wondering just what their motives may have been, and as to why they kept repeatedily popping up in my dreams. At times, I would be told: “To shut-up about what I knew of them, that I knew to much, etc.” They would attempt to “intimidate me” into my silence, which never worked, no matter how threatening they became.

Now, I will notice that from time to time, there will be shadows of both a man and this cloaked type of being wandering around my house, moving past the windows etc. I’m not certain as to why. (However, I am giving you both the “prelude” and “foot-notes” all at once).

Now, to go back to the first time I had ever actually noticed “with my own two eyes” shadow people, it was while living at home in my late teens (as was mentioned). I was lying in bed late one night with a book, and just had this feeling of something being in the room with me, something which was un-invited!

I remember glancing in front of my closet doors, and just as I did, I noticed this cloaked being (“black as pitch”). It was then, at that moment that I felt as if I were paralyzed (both being unable to move and to scream). a lot of people refer to what I had experienced as “telepathy”. Because, as I was lying there in bed, I’d heard within my mind: “Come with me.” At that same moment, this entity had extended it’s cloaked arms (yet there were no arms) out towards me. I kept trying to scream, and I couldn’t. This entity of which had no face and no bodily form.

I now have found many other stories, which speak of this same type of thing, they’ve been coined “the Shadow-people”, and yet people are now questioning that term, and looking to go deeper into their possible origins.

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