My Experiences with Spirit

by Real Ghost Stories

I have had many experiences with the spirit world, since a very young age, and as I get older, my ability to see and hear other-dimensional beings has developed dramatically.

I was lucky enough to have grown up with an incredibly powerful psychic for a mother and whenever I would see things, she would take the time to explain the workings of the spirit realm, and, because of this, I have never truly ‘feared’ anything that I have seen.

The first experience I can remember happened when I was about 10, I saw a very clear light, pretty green aura around one of my mother’s friends and in front of a houseful of people asked about it. From that day onwards, I have been able to see them clearly.

About the same time in my life, I moved to Lidcombe, NSW, Australia, with my father, stepmother and younger brother, who was a toddler at the time. The house in which we lived was very old, having belonged to my great grandparents and was situated on the outer edges of Rookwood cemetery, one of the oldest in the entire country. Did I mention that my great grandfather had died in the room in which I slept?

Many strange things would happen in this house, from me being thrown from my bed in the middle of the night on a regular basis, whilst everyone in the house was asleep, to my brother standing, terrified, in the hallway, screaming at some unseen entity.

Eventually, I moved back with my mother and with her, my abilities developed. She taught me the importance of protecting oneself from unseen dangers of all sorts, so I had no fear the first time my grandfather (poppy) appeared to me. Since then, I have seen olden days couples walking down the main street of our town in bustling broad daylight, and they saw me, the gentleman tipping his hat and greeting me a good day as we passed each other. I told my sister of this experience and it was not long after this that she experienced a similar situation.

Another regular visitor (actually, I believe he is with me constantly) is my son, who died at childbirth. It started with my sister had seen him clearly playing with her son, who was one year old at the time. Since then, he allows himself to be seen INCREDIBLY regularly and is not at all fussy who he shows himself to!! He would have been 5 years old this October and is growing appropriately, even in the spirit realms.

Another regular visitor is my former neighbour. She was another who was instrumental in developing my abilities and we were very, very close. My whole family was devastated when we heard she was in the hospital and might not see the end of the day, so I made to rush over to the hospital to be with her.

At four o’clock on the dot, as I was walking to the bus stop to go, she appeared to me strongly and said goodbye. The grief I felt was phenomenal and I turned around to go home, to find my mother had only minutes beforehand left a message saying she had died, at four o’clock on the dot.

She is with me quite a bit and often passes on advice, attempting to lead me in the right direction. Maybe she knows that not a day goes by in which I don’t miss her.

This is not to say all of my experiences have been loving or non-threatening. By no means is this the case. I regularly have a spirit of a vicious old man wake me when I am sleeping by poking me in the back. This poke is often quite hard as if they are being done with a cane, and always a strong electric shock follows the poking. Another thing the old man does is put his face mere millimetres from mine and breathes rancid breath in my face until I wake up. Not a pleasant way to wake up, trust me!! I seem to have picked up this hitch-hiker when I moved into my first flat, a dingy little hole that had been the site of a rather messy suicide. Not only does he wake me, however, but there are also times when he abuses me and it is quite loud and clear.

When I was pregnant with my son and staying with my father, I was awakened by this same apparition and called (excuse my language) a “pig-slut” and had hands around my neck. Upbringing aside, that scared the hell out of me!! I was up like a flash and went straight to my father’s room and slept by the end of his bed. This did not stop the abuse and in the morning, my father asked me the arguing was about the previous night and stated he heard the specific words that I had and though it to be the neighbours.

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