Ouija Board Scares

by The Ghost Host

It all begin when I moved to Minot, North Dakota with my brother and his girlfriend. I was 15 years of age at the time. We were just sitting around talking about the past when one of our neighbors came around the side of the house and asked my sister in law to go and see her for a second. Minutes later she appeared and she asked me if I would like to play with an ouija board. Out of curiosity, I went.

She told me that she had contacted this young couple who had died in the house with three of their four children and the woman who they had contacted wanted to speak to them. I thought for sure that they were just lying and just saying this to scare me which was not going to happen(so I thought). I went next door with my sister in law and my sister in laws neighbor and we were sitting in her living room on the floor and we were playing this ouija board when all of a sudden we were interupted by these loud banging sounds coming from the basement. (note that this is a duplex that was once a house.) We got scared and thought that it was our neighbors b/f who had been visiting with my brother next door and we thought was trying to scare us. We thought that we would play the following night since it was so late in the evening. We only figured out so much that night of the names of the family, and that they had died horrible deaths in that house.

Well, the following night, we went over to the neighbors once again and decided to reach “Deb” again. Succeeding in contacting her, I decided to ask her a few questions as to who she was, starting with her last name. As we all had our fingertips on this board, I thought that I would scare them by giving them a false last name: St. John.

Wel,l they had believed this and again we were trying to get some information off of her as to how her and her family had perished in the home. Well, finding out the exact date, which was in the year of 1990, we decided to look up this information in past newspapers. So I went into the library and went to look at past newspapers when we had looked at the month and year that she had given us, not expecting to find anything but you know nothing. When we turned the page of the newspaper just about to give up on the search. When what do you know we seen the house that we were staying in and it had all these cops and everything around them and they were taking out peoples bodies and had crime scene written all over it. The newspaper said that the woman had fed and killed three of her four children including her husband with rat poison. They had found the husband hanging in the basement. The three children were at the table, and the one that survived was hiding in the bathroom screaming to the 911 dispatcher until the cops got there and the mother deb they have found her in her bedroom with a suicide note laying next to her that read that she was deb and that she had not wanted children but she got really depressed after she had her first one and continued to have more children and that she is leavingcharlie(name witheld) for reasons because he is the oldest and her first born and the only one she truly loves.

Well, we had learned that deb had slit her throat and died. Charlie, her oldest son, said that mommy had told him to get his food earlier while she put special mix in his other siblings meal. He was then told to lock himself in the bathroom. He walked out 10 minutes later to a horrible scene.

Well, we decided to ask Deb about this and that is when she got really upset with us and said that her husband wants her to quit talking to us. Well, we wouldn’t let that happen. he supposively got on the board and started telling us that we were going to be sorry. I started laughing and he spelled out 2 words for me house fire 2 people. I was like what does this mean and he said 2 months. I was like was I going to die. and he started to say hahahahaha over and over.

Well, my sister in law was thinking this was me and me thinking this was her. We continued using the board and she asked it how much she had. It answered her with the correct answer and it said she was going to have a girl. and what do you know, she had a girl. It also told me that I was going to have a girl within a year. and walaw I had my daughter.

Now following this incident with the ouija board, we went back to our hometown where our family lives and were telling people about what happened with this board and what it told us. Including my cousins. and my aunt. Wel,l about a month and a half went by, and I was thinking that this board is just, well, lying. Well, one morning, I had just put my nephew to sleep; he was only 3 months old. When the phone rings and my uncle is telling me that he has bad news and that there has been an accident. My cousin and one of my friends were in a house fire. They were both pronounced dead at the scene.

Well, back home is where I went and my cousin the one who passed away. Well, his sisters asked me how I would know that someone would die in a housefire. I told them that I thought it was going to be me. But the ouija board didn’t simply tell us WE were going to die. but he didn’t point out anybody else either.

Well, as you can see, after that experience I never ever touched a ouija board again after that.

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