Ouija Board & The Girl Ghost

by The Ghost Host

When I was quite young, maybe 3 or 4, I saw my first ghost. I was sleeping and awoke suddenly because I had to use the restroom. I turned over and saw a little girl. This little girl looked somewhat like me but had no colour at all. White as the snow. I could not see through her though. She smiled and reached out to me. I screamed and ran to my mother. My father never believed me, but my mother secretly did.

When I was 14, I held a seance with 6 of my friends and one friend’s young sister. Everything was going as planned, and we had all the necessary materials. An athame, salt, chalice of juice, altar, ouija board, everything. Our candles were lit and we were proceeding to, talking to a presumed spirit through the Ouija board.

All of a sudden the room went black, as if someone had blown all the candles out.

A mirror fell behind us shattered. The windows started to rattle and banging sounded on the door. The youngest girl started to cry, saying something was hurting her. Finally, the light came back and we blew out the candles, closed the circle, and left.

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