Our Poltergeist

by The Ghost Host

I was actually the first to experience something. I was homesick one day, and I was in bed, just beginning to doze off again when this HUGE booming voice echoed all through the apartment that yelled “HEY!!” I jumped up out of the bed and stood there completely dazed and just looking around. I was home alone! My partner was actually grabbed around the waist while she slept one night. I was up late drinking and she’d gone to bed a little earlier. In the morning, she asked me if I had been messing with her the night before. She had been all alone in our room.

We have two adult room mates and two children that also live with us. I’m not going to include everything that has happened to all of us because there would just be way too much. One day, our female room mate was home by herself, and the kids were outside playing. She was doing dishes in the kitchen and she went outside to go check on the kids for a moment. When she came back in, her oldest daughters car seat, which had been under a table in the dining room, was sitting in front of the sink! Her youngest daughter carries on conversations with no one, teasing them with her food when she is in her high chair. Finally, our male room mate was just fixing the shower curtain in the front bathroom two days ago when one of the shower hooks fell off. He bent down to pick it up, and it was gone! He’s mad now because we can’t find it anywhere.

Our ghosts seem more mischievous and annoying than threatening. We were having a party one night, and the blender was being used to make mixed drinks. We poured everybody a glass, set the blender pitcher down, and when we turned back around the lid was just gone. We tore everything out of our cabinets, looked in the dishwasher, even the oven. The lid was nowhere to be found and we couldn’t make any more drinks. A few weeks later, that lid showed up, gently placed on top of the Tupperware we’d torn out of the cabinet.

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