Shadow Man Followed Me

by The Ghost Host

It all started with my mother. She is very “receptive” towards ghosts or Entities. A lot happened to her but anyway, I guess the first sign I had (Not consciously for sure) was when she was pregnant of me? She was looking at her belly in the mirror when she saw that shadow ghost standing behind her. She told me that story when I was about 15.

Experienced it by myself. All along with my childhood, I saw those shadow ghosts In my house (it’s always inside a house). They have many forms but the most common is the “shadow man”. Exactly like a human but no face, no clothes, just a very thick shadow (What I mean is that I can’t see through them) staring at It and then me “runs” away (vanish must be the right word). The “shadow man” never approached me. It was always where I could see it but too.

Far to attempt to approach it. And even if at that time it would have been. Close enough, I was too scared to try. Time passed and then I moved on my own. For about one month nothing happened In my new apartment and I thought that maybe that entity was related to me. Parent’s house and would never leave that place. I went to have supper with my parents and my mother told me that she heard somebody “crying” for days.

After I left. She was trying to tell the spirit that I was gone and that it. Was time for him to leave too? And that’s what he did.

The problem is that he followed me in my new apartment. One night, I woke up to see the “shadow man” leaning over my bed, his “face” at about 2 inches of mine. That scared the Hell out of me. He was much too. Close. He then vanished away. Then it took various forms. The “man” was still there, but there was also the “cat” and the “cloud”.

Other people have seen the “cat” too. I Say the “cat” because it’s about the same height and it moves fast. Usually It just crosses the room. And I had witnesses for that sort of apparition (which was quite comforting, seeing that I was not crazy) and I must say. Those people were complete sceptics.

The “cloud” comes in now and then. This one is a little bit weird because it Goes really slowly. It’s a very dark cloud, very opaque. And the curious thing (and hard to explain) is that it does not spread away. It moves like a Cloud but does not grow. Like a big dark go that is floating. That too Vanishes away.

I just don’t know who is that person, if it was a person before he became That way and what he wants from me. I’ve seen other ghosts, who were peopling that and knew and died. I just don’t think that this shadow person is related to me in a way that I knew “her” or”Him” in his/her life.

They just really scare me.

Valérie Montréal, Québec

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