The Ghost Boy

by The Ghost Host

I was walking with a friend of mine one day and we spotted an old home…so we decided to investigate. We got to the front porch and she knocked on the door. no one answered…naturally of course as it looked abandoned. I took out my flashlight from my purse that I was lugging along with me and searched around. I noticed a key on the porch and used it…it opened up easily enough so we both went inside to tour around the haunted-looking place. There wore cobwebs everywhere and a stench was in the air. Meg said she wanted to get out of there but I said. “Nah..let’s look around a bit ok?” she nodded her head in agreement but I knew she was more than anxious to get back home to a nice warm bed that would be waiting for her.

We walked around the parlour of the house and noticed a shadowy figure on the wall. We heard a strange sound coming from the hallway and walked carefully over to it. We saw a small child sitting in the corner, crying. I asked the child why he was crying and he said because he could not find his toy. I asked where he last left it at. He told me in the attic. I decided to go to the attic area and look around. I found a treasure box and opened it and there was a small ball in it, so I figured, ‘hey this must be his toy’ so I took it to the boy and asked him if this was his toy and he smiled and said it was. He seemed delighted to see it. I smiled back at him. My friend Meg was smiling as well and we left that old house and went back often to see the ghostly boy and always found time to play charades with or other games.

Now…that I am much older, I think about the boy that dwelled inside that old spooky house and hope that one day, he will find me and talk to me or one day…I shall go back to him and play another game.

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