The Ghost Ring

by Real Ghost Stories

 About ten years ago, my parents were leasing a large house while looking for a new home to purchase.  I was living in California at the time and had come home to visit for a few weeks. The first night that I was there something strange happened.  I climbed into bed and felt a sharp object sticking me.  I felt around under the sheets and, to my surprise, found an open, almost diaper-sized, safety pin.  I closed it and put it on the nightstand.  I forgot about it and went about my business the next day. The next evening, however, I found the safety pin, now open again, hidden beneath the covers in my bed.  Knowing quite well that no one in my family was a prankster, I was very perplexed.

The next morning, I went into the kitchen and asked, “Okay, who’s putting the pin in my bed?”  Everyone just looked at each other and said they didn’t know what I was talking about. The way my sister and parents looked at each other convinced me that something odd was going on.  Then, reluctantly, they all began to tell me about the strange events in the house.

  My father said that he would hear the front door open and close frequently, and would then hear footsteps down the hall or up the wooden stairs, but no one was there. My mother would hear the door slam and then a voice imitating my sister’s would say, “I’m home!”, but she wasn’t.  My brother would hear the garage door open and close mysteriously during the night.  Ghostly footsteps on the wooden stairs leading to his apartment over the garage were heard almost every night.

My sister first realized the house was haunted when she heard the doors upstairs slamming open and shut at all hours of the night. She decided to move in with a friend as a result. (She was alone up there if I wasn’t visiting and sleeping in the adjoining bedroom.)

My parents decided to investigate and started with having the neighbors over for dinner.  The attorney and his wife confirmed that there had been a problem with the previous owners and their children.  According to the dinner guests, the two small girls refused to stay upstairs in their bedrooms and were terrified of even going up there. Meanwhile, my brother discovered that the house was built on an old family cemetery.

My parents finally had all they could take and decided to move when they observed objects  moving by themselves and the ghostly voices became more frequent.  As they were getting ready to leave, my father noticed a ring hanging on a nail right beside the door leading in from the garage. The ring had definitely not been there just a few minutes beforehand.  It had a black- star sapphire with diamonds in the shape of a crescent. He swears that it was left there by the ghost.

My husband now wears the “ghost ring”.  We had it appraised.  It was made at the turn of the century from 18 or 20 karat gold, but bears no stamp as such. The diamonds are real and the sapphire is of high quality, resulting in an approximate worth of $1200.00.   What a wonderful gift from beyond!

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