My Dead Mother’s Voice

by The Ghost Host

I have had several unexplained experiences in my life, but one that upset me greatly happened 13 years ago. This is absolutely true.

My mother had always been a regular visitor at my home all through my married life and helped me with my children when they were small.

When she could no longer get about, I found her a small rented bungalow, just minutes away from my house, so that I could look after her.

For 8 years I cared for her and my children visited her often.

By the time she died, my children were all grown up and my daughter had a baby girl of her own. About a week before the baby’s first birthday she told me “I just want to see Amy be one”. Meaning that she wanted to see my daughter’s child reach her first birthday. She did not have any lingering disease and had all her faculties to the end.

She died less than two weeks after Amy’s birthday.

The day before her funeral, which was a hot July day, at around 5am, the telephone rang. My mother had been in the habit of calling me early just before she died. I had to walk to the landing where we had a small telephone on the wall and as the sun was very bright, I drew the curtains in my bedroom. I was fully awake.

On answering the telephone, my mother’s unmistakable voice spoke to me. I asked her where she was and she replied” I don’t know”. This upset me very much, as my mother never spoke of spiritual matters or the progression of the spirit, and would indeed wonder where she was.

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