The Phantom Chopper

by The Ghost Host

Over the years, I have had many strange and weird experiences for which I have been unable to find an explanation. But the one that really stands out in my memory happened way back in the early sixties when I hadn’t been married long and was living in apartments.

The property where the apartments were situated was actually a very large old house, which had been rented by an elderly man who decided to let the rooms off to people who were desperate for accommodation, as also the house was too big for him to live in on his own. It really was a large and creepy place, and I could never feel relaxed and hated being alone in there for any length of time. The hallway and stairs leading to our rooms were very dark, and the air was always extremely cold when we passed this particular corner, and my skin would go all prickly, and I couldn’t wait to get in my room and close the door quickly.

At the very top of this house, there were two attics which had been empty for a couple of months, as the previous tenants had moved out, but they’d left two chairs behind on the landing, saying we could have them for firewood because, at the time, people were still using coal fires.

Well, this particular day, my husband and I had just got back after a day’s shopping, and I was starting to make the evening meal when suddenly there was this loud chopping sound . . . and it was definitely coming from the attics, which were above us.

As there were only two of us and the elderly tenant in the whole house, we thought it was him. But then the sound got louder and louder, and it persisted until I finally opened the room door and shouted up to the attic, thinking that I was talking to the tenant. I got a reply from him, but he was answering me from downstairs. Then, at this particular moment, the chopping sound stopped. I told the tenant I thought it was him chopping the chair, but he told me no and said he thought it was us chopping the chairs up for our fire.

After learning that none of us had been up to the attics, the tenant went up to investigate. But then he shouted down that the chairs were still in one piece, and he could not explain the chopping sound.

The following evening, I was talking to the tenant downstairs as I waited for my husband to come home when suddenly this weird chopping sound started again from the attics upstairs. We looked at each other in sheer disbelief.

The chopping lasted for about five minutes, at which time my husband arrived home. And then it stopped, as suddenly as it had started. I told my husband what had happened. Needless to say, we could not settle in that house after experiencing such a creepy, inexplicable noise, and eventually moved home.

However, even to this day, that weird chopping-of-chairs sound is still etched, vividly and disturbingly, in my memory, and I will never ever forget it.

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